• Business Planning – Prepare a working performance report that focuses on 5 major categories. Develop a short and long-term working plan focusing on improvement and cost reductions.
  • Transportation – From manufacture to customer freight review focusing on service and cost.  Review or development a vendor routing guide to cut costs and increase through put in the distribution center.
  • Distribution/Warehousing – Processes, facilities and systems review of the 6 main distribution areas. The process review will include quality, accuracy, timeliness, security, safety, and cost effectiveness. Crowe Consulting will prepare a working plan to discuss area’s of opportunity.
  • Customer Contact Center –  A review of the Call Center re 5 key elements. Focus of the review is on quality, customer care,  sales, adjustments,, and costs. Crowe Consulting will prepare a working plan to discuss area’s of opportunity.
  • Outsourcing, Offshoring Strategy – Develop and ease all aspects of US or International Call Center outsourcing programs.

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