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Customer Service by listening

One must believe the simple acts are often the best acts.  As owners, presidents, managers, and consultants we often talk, explain and summarize.  It seems we all are the smartest one in the room. But everyone has something to learn from listening.

Good Customer Service is the art of listening to what said and correcting the misunderstanding and prevent future occurrences.

Where do you begin?

With the customer exchange.

Everyday customers are making comments on emails, calls, returns, fax and mail.  How many of us spend five or ten minutes a day reading the customer comments?  Yet the information is invaluable.  We have entire marketing departments trying to figure out what went wrong or accounting analyzing everything. Yet often our own customers know exactly why something did not sell or why they returned it.  Your call center folks, returns folks, and email folks also know but we do not ask.

If you doubt, take 15 minutes of one week starting today and read customer emails or return letters.  Let me know what you find out.  You may find that 15 minutes of listening is the most valuable time of your day.

Remember let me know what you find out.

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Crowe Consulting Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in internet retail operations with a consulting focus in distribution, telemarketing, business and sales strategy, outsourcing and other fundamental operations management.


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