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12 Months of Retail Customer Care

A Retail Customer Care Calendar


Returns and adjustments with a smile investing on the hopes the customer will remember you were their friend from buying to return.


Sales abound with removal of the old and intro of the new.  Take care of the customer right with price to sell with hopes of many purchases this year.


The new line is out there and the customer is speaking clearly the Customer Care must let Marketing know for its critical for the New Year.


Is the time the buyers are serious and want the best service.  Take your time and listen and the customer will be there in December.


Summer is approaching the second season is in full-blown excitement time to add that special item to maximize the fun of the summer.


Time to show for the rest of the year what the customer really needs from all your care.  Is there more one can do to make your customer feel safe and secure.


Sale Sale Sale its time to put a wrap on the first half of the year and introduce the future of 2012.  Customer information is critical for success and all Caregivers must know about that.


As school begins and summer ends the customer needs your smiles of cheer to guide them through quick and smart decisions as they do for the rest of the year.


The new season is full-blown the customer wants to know what’s new and has changed.  Customer Care takes the customer on a tour of the rest of the year.


Everyone take a deep breath and prepare for the Holidays.  From Halloween to Thanksgiving the Holiday shopping begins.  Buying will not happen but shopping sure will information and suggestions will save the day.


As crazy as it seems Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days.  A prepare Caregiver marches like a band in a parade with smiles of victory all over their faces.


Do not panic its time to apply the training and your yearlong efforts to see this year through with a smile and a suggestion to help the buyer relax and make the happiness of their season.

What a year great job Care Giver enjoy your Holiday and be preparing to do it again next year.

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Crowe Consulting Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in internet retail operations with a consulting focus in distribution, telemarketing, business and sales strategy, outsourcing and other fundamental operations management.


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