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Fantasy Football Teaches Operations Managers

Fantasy Football Teaches Operations ManagersWith over a billion and half people playing fantasy football today. This non-contact sport teaches many important lessens to operations managers.  It teaches many managerial life lessens and puts the operational manager in a competition that requires skills he or she needs to be successful in operations.  Lets break it down in to four key elements the draft, the first game, the trade, and the playoffs.

  1. The Draft – In fantasy football the draft is more important than the championship game. It’s your chance to show your peers your uncanny knowledge of  the players in football. You have the known high pick players, the sleepers and “lets take a chance” players.  An operations manager through hiring and promoting people goes through the same process as the draft but often without the time or effort. The lesson learned is do you homework and take your time in employee choices and promotions. The best running back in the draft, that you drafted in the fifth round, is due to preparation.  Read the résumé of the interviewees and consider how he or she fits into your team. When promoting always consider if this person is a sure thing, sleeper or a chance player?
  2. The First Game – The first game of fantasy football is full of hope and fear of failure.  The hours you spent picking your line up and making sure everyone is playing becomes a reality at 1 p.m. EST.  You quickly see your star players succeed or fail. The process of building on that success or repairing the failures begins when the game ends. Operations managers face this  set of circumstances when they develop a new project or have to deal with seasonal volumes.  There is an expectation that success will occur but down deep you wonder, “what did I forget?” As in fantasy football you quickly repair the weak spots and build on your success.
  3. The Trade – In fantasy football trading is one of the best ways to improve your team.  You find out quickly just because you want the other teams best player you have to give some quality on return.  And often it takes a series of emails, calls, face to face chats to get a deal done. Operations managers have to negotiate every day with vendors, employees, and bosses to get the resources required to succeed on their projects. Often good negotiating skill lead from being a manager to being a vice president. No deal in the work world is any harder than trying to get the star quarterback away from another team.
  4. The Playoffs – The playoffs in fantasy football are all about match ups and injuries. Ironically you can win all you games in the regular season and not make it to the finals because your best player goes down on the first play of the game. Everything may go your way and the sleeper you drafted in the 15th round rushes for 200 yards and scores 2 touchdowns. The operations manager must learn that when it’s all said and done his people have to perform and his system must deliver. All this leads us back to preparation and vigilance leads to successful operations management.

Crowe Consulting Inc. will help you find ways to make your operations more successful.  Take a moment to contact us today.

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Crowe Consulting Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in internet retail operations with a consulting focus in distribution, telemarketing, business and sales strategy, outsourcing and other fundamental operations management.


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